Pandemic and Community

As we watched the coronavirus pandemic hit communities and spread out like a wild fire on global scale, it is easy to feel helpless.

Covid-19 is having a physical, psychological, social and economic impact. Keeping safe and helping others under circumstances is a real challenge. Our work and online sessions with members of community has allowed us to: keep our different groups connected and able to learn from each other, help to lessen isolation for all age groups, stay in contact, keep informed, socialise, help keep spirits up, minds and bodies active, learn new stuff, provide one on one tutoring etc. Learning varies from cooking lessons, makeup tips, health and diets tips, group homework, learn knitting, revising together etc. It’s been a steep learning curve in technology for our Legends Club, though people have greatly missed getting together for their group sessions the transfer to online has extended the range of contacts.
Activities like yoga, painting together, karaoke night, playing games online. Watching and discussing documentaries, books like “Kosovo Short Story”, discussing traditional costumes, music, dance from various regions back home, how to stay fit and healthy, best tools for revision and preparing for exam, pandemic, exam results, future plans etc.

Looking forward to normality returning so that as soon as it is safe clubs, dance lessons, visits to museums, group walks, meets, socialising and celebrating can take place.

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