Kosovan Independence Day Celebration and Reception for newly appointed British Ambassador to Kosova

Mr Llabjani the Chair of Trustees of British Albanian Kosovar Council organised Kosovan Independence Day Celebration and a reception to welcome the newly appointed UK Ambassador to Kosova Mr Jonathan Hargreaves at Bolt Burdon Solicitors venue.

Amongst others speeches were held by the Ambassador of Kosova to the UK Mr Ilir Kapiti, the newly appointed British ambassador to Kosova, Mr Jonathan Hargreaves and the honorary president of TBKCC Mr John Grogan. Speeches emphasized historical ties and diplomatic goals, showcasing the multifaceted relationship between Kosovo and the United Kingdom.

Sixteen years of Independence

Happy Independence Day
Today, we celebrate our journey towards freedom and self-determination. May the spirit of this special day ignite a renewed sense of unity, prosperity, and cultural pride among us all. Congratulations on this significant milestone, and may the years ahead be filled with progress, peace, and shared success.
Wishing you all a day filled with pride and the promise of a brighter future ahead.

Postcode Lottery

Exciting News! We’re thrilled to share that BAKC has received funding from the Postcode Lottery to fuel our charitable initiatives! Thanks to this generous support, we’re able to continue the incredible work of the Legends Club and further strengthen our local community.

But wait, there’s more! Together, we can create lasting change and build a community that thrives. Feel free to DM us or contact us at to join the club or learn more about how you can play a role in our mission.

Thank you, Postcode Lottery, for believing in our cause! Let’s continue to write the next chapter of positive change, TOGETHER!










Today…Independence Day and National Flag Day

We are delighted to share a significant moment in history as we mark 111 years of Albania’s independence.

Tonight, at the esteemed House of Lords in London, we gathered to celebrate Independence and National Flag Day, graciously invited by Baroness Blake. This historic celebration is the first of its kind within this esteemed British institution.

This celebration serves as a testament to the success of the Albanian community in the UK, expressing deep gratitude to the United Kingdom for its unwavering support and friendship over the years.

National Flag Day and Independence Day Celebrations

In a heartfelt celebration for November 28th, today the community joined hands to honour Albania’s National Flag Day and Independence Day. The event, marked by compelling speeches from the Kosovan consul, resonated with the essence of unity as participants engaged in stirring performances, traditional dances, and cultural recitations. The significance of November 28th, representing the proclamation of independence in 1912, was underscored, and the national flag served as a powerful symbol of pride and resilience.

The cultural showcase brought to life the diverse tapestry of Albanian heritage through songs and dances, emphasizing the enduring spirit that defines the nation. Moreover, the event embraced a charitable aspect, reflecting the Albanian ethos of community support. As we reflect on this joyous celebration, we invite you to join our projects and charitable initiatives. Your contribution will empower communities, promote education, and embody the altruistic values that have been central to our nations journey toward freedom. Together, let us continue to build a brighter future inspired by the unity and pride that characterize Albania’s Independence and Flag Day.


Today marks 15 years since the declaration of Kosovo’s Independence, which was made on February 17, 2008, at 3:39 PM in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in Pristina.

As usual community organisations jointly organised the celebration.

The program opened with the national anthem followed by speeches starting with Ambassadors of Kosova and Albania and the excellent interpretations of children and young people with songs, dances and recitations.

Kosova Club

It is with great pleasure to inform you that Kosova Club is also starting at UCL Academy.
Weekly sessions will start this Wednesday from 15:05pm – 16:30pm – All young people who attend UCL are welcome.

Me shumë kënaqësi ju informojmë se “Kosova Club” është duke filluar edhe në UCL Academy. Do të fillon këtë të Mërkure prej ores 15:05pm – 16:30pm, çdo javë. Janë të mirëseardhur të gjithë të rinjtë që janë student të shkolles UCL.

#bbccin  #youngpeople

Thank you Ma’am for a lifetime of service and dedication, may you rest in peace.

Yesterday the world bade final farewell with pomp and sorrow to the most remarkable lady, the woman who embodied true servant leadership and dignity to the very end. A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II throughout her seven decades on the throne has flawlessly fulfilled her constitutional monarch role. Her 70-year-long reign has spanned 15 British Prime Ministers, 14 American Presidents and seven popes.

Thank you Ma’am for a lifetime of service and dedication, may you rest in peace.

Pandemic and Community

As we watched the coronavirus pandemic hit communities and spread out like a wild fire on global scale, it is easy to feel helpless.

Covid-19 is having a physical, psychological, social and economic impact. Keeping safe and helping others under circumstances is a real challenge. Our work and online sessions with members of community has allowed us to: keep our different groups connected and able to learn from each other, help to lessen isolation for all age groups, stay in contact, keep informed, socialise, help keep spirits up, minds and bodies active, learn new stuff, provide one on one tutoring etc. Learning varies from cooking lessons, makeup tips, health and diets tips, group homework, learn knitting, revising together etc. It’s been a steep learning curve in technology for our Legends Club, though people have greatly missed getting together for their group sessions the transfer to online has extended the range of contacts.
Activities like yoga, painting together, karaoke night, playing games online. Watching and discussing documentaries, books like “Kosovo Short Story”, discussing traditional costumes, music, dance from various regions back home, how to stay fit and healthy, best tools for revision and preparing for exam, pandemic, exam results, future plans etc.

Looking forward to normality returning so that as soon as it is safe clubs, dance lessons, visits to museums, group walks, meets, socialising and celebrating can take place.


Dear all

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Even under the circumstances due to Corona Virus, we would love to carry on with the club. To begin with Kosova Club will be resuming online on Fridays at 3pm, for an hour. This will be the opportunity for students to communicate and spend time together doing all sorts of activities. We believe it will be beneficial for all young people to continue being social and active. Big Thank You goes to all the parents and students for support and understating. Hope to see you all.

If not a current member of Kosova Club but interested to join please contact us than BAKC staff and Eda will get in touch with you.